August 2k10 Mix – Throw Back

Bol Punjab De is back with another mix for you bhangra lovers.
Log on to the latest mixes page and check out the special throw back mix.
1. Kuldip Manak – Tere Tile Ton
2. Sardara Gill – Giddhe Vich
3. Gurdas Maan – Challa – PMC
4. Malkit Singh – Independent Girl fea. Apache Indian
5. Jazzy B – Blue Eyes
6. Harbhajan Talwar – Mere Yaar Ne – XLNC
7. KS Bhambra – Dhol Mere Yaar Da
8. Daler Begowalia – Kainte Valiya Gabarua
9. Balwinder Safri – Chan Mere Makhana

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2 Responses to August 2k10 Mix – Throw Back

  1. BhangraLover510 says:

    Like the oldies mix. will you post a new music mix in Sept with all new tracks?

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