Serato Malfunction!

Whats up to all my Friends, Fans and fellow Djs. This past weekend the Bol Punjab De team had a small mishap, and I just wanted to share my experience with you. Had a great event, kicked off a little slow. 15 minutes into our Bhangra Mix, the video crew told me they were hearing some weird hissing and crakling sounds from the Right channel. After thorough examination and a full diagnotic test, turned out we were having an issue with our Serato Hardware. The Right channel failed. Luckily our team reacted fast to and was able to work around the problem by rewiring the sound to a mono signal. Got through the night, and the people enjoyed the music.

Just goes to show you, Shit Happens! haha

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  1. “had a small mishap” … good to hear it was just some equipment … had me worried there lol.

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