RIP Kaka Bhaniawala

On April 12th 2009, the bhangra industry suffered a devastating loss. The untimely death of singer “Santokh Singh Rathor” aka Kaka Bhaniawala has shocked the world. Kaka suffered from a disease caused Peelia (jaundice). Kaka Bhaniawala was known for some of the greatest hits in bhangra, such as Daru Pee Ke, Jawani featuring Dj H, Sanewal Chowk with Truskool, and his earlier work with Tigerstyle such as Nachna Onda Naye and my favorite jam Shad ti Aashquie. Bol Punjab De would like to send out deepest condolences to the family, friends, as well as the fans who suffer from this loss. God Bless.

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