Real DJs dont use a laptop!?!?! Well…

Whats up folks,

So I got a call from a prospect a few weeks ago who needed Dj services. He said he checked out a few Djs already and was disappointed because they did all of their mixing off of laptops rather than using CDJs or Turntables. His argument was that if a DJ is charging me top dollar, he better be mixing live, not just letting some program do it for him. I decided to educate him about programs like Serato Scratch Live, which bhangra djs, and majority of DJs all over are using, which allows them to control their MP3s and music files on their computer with their Turntables and CDJs. Its a simple hardware and software set up that makes this possible. I gave him a demo and also went with him to check out a few of the DJs that he had seen already. 2 of the Djs were using Serato Scratch Live.

This experience made me realize that even though its the new wave in the DJ world to use these types of programs, most clients aren’t aware of what exactly systems like Serato Scratch Live are.  DJs who play premixed cds or run completed mixes through their laptops are frowned upon, however, most real DJs are still mixing live, just replacing their crates and cd cases with a laptops and hard drives.


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