New Mix for March

What’s up people, we hope you all enjoyed the Valentines mix last month. A lot of new music in the new mix, with a little old school spin at the end. check out the latest mixes page, listen, download and leave us your comments.

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  1. keep up bro … this is rajvir fatehs boy out here in toronto holdin it down for bol punjab de
    t rex

  2. i have known BPD for some time and i have to say they are the BEST Dj in the bay area they have every party crackin and they do my family parties all the time as well…i recommended them…..if u dont have them at ur party then ur party wont be the same

  3. Thanks for the Love T-Rex, me and the crew will make it out to TDot soon to visit you and Fateh. Thanks for the comments Harman, I really appreciate it.

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