December 2k10 Mix – Last Mix of the YEAR!

Whats up Friends,
Man its been a great year and we’ve had a lot of good music in the Bhangra Industry release this year. Let all hope we get even more good tunes in 2011. Bol Punjab De brings you the last mix of 2010, get on the latest mixes page and check it out now. This mix features the music man Sukshinder Shinda, PMC, Geeta Zaildar, Amrit Saab and more.

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6 Responses to December 2k10 Mix – Last Mix of the YEAR!

  1. sonu says:

    thanks man. My friend’s birthday is coming up and this will be a perfect mix to party to. Good timing.

  2. raju says:

    your music gives me priapism. thankx 22

  3. Nix says:

    001 – Balle Balle – G S Chaggar & Bakshi Billa
    002 – Jadoo – Sukshinder Shinda
    003 – Haertbeat Ft. Roch Killa – Geeta Zaildar
    004 – Dil De De fea Roachkilla – Garry Sandhu & Surinder Ratan
    005 – Stay Close To Me – Geeta Zaildar
    006 – Mehfil – Amrit Saab
    007 – Jatti – Panjabi MC
    008 – Sair – Geeta Zaildar
    009 – Soota – Amrit Saab
    010 – Sons Of Punjab – Sukshinder Shinda
    011 – Sakke Bro – Amrit Saab
    012 – La La-La – Sukshinder Shinda
    013 – Darro – Geeta Zaildar
    014 – Bas Kar Bas Kar – Sukshinder Shinda
    015 – Samne – Sukshinder Shinda
    016 – Hyper Boli Ft DJ H, Sarvjeet Kokewali – Popsy
    017 – Dhol Te Dugga – G S Chaggar & Bakshi Billa

  4. Karan says:

    How do i download this cant find a way

  5. Nix says:

    right click the link on the latest mixes page for the december mix. save target as.
    should work with firefox or internet explorer without any problem.

  6. Ashish Pal says:

    LIKE ALWAYS, A GREAT MIX PAAJI!! Nicee, gotta bump this mix now!

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