Bol Punjab De – All Access – Episode 1

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This episode features our Antics from a recent Thanksgiving Holiday Gig in Phoenix Arizona. Exclusive footage, behind the scenes. A special Interview with Sukhi Dosanjh of BPR Crew. Also Clips from the Show in Phoenix, Featuring the One and Only Malkit Singh with live band, along side Bol Punjab De, BPR Crew, Dholnation, BFL Djs and Chatha Video Productions. We also got to perform with Akashdeep, Ishmeet Narula, Sunita Bhatti and live band from the bay area/sacramento area by Sonu, Bittu and Puneet. Shout outs to the Dhanjal family in Goodyear AZ and our entire sound crew from AZ. 

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3 Responses to Bol Punjab De – All Access – Episode 1

  1. Amarjot says:

    Sick! This was a great clip. I look forward to seeing more clips like this one.

  2. Raj says:

    Nick, Sup bro long time no see, Luv the video blog’s, nice idea.. keep it coming, We need to catch up…

    later bro,

  3. Niku says:

    Thanks Raj, Ill be uploading the next episode very soon, so keep it locked!

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